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Sometimes PC members like to send me gifts for the holidays!
I absolutely appreciate this so much, and want to thank everyone 
who sends me such kind words and love. It really never gets old.

So! If you're looking for some ideas to gift me (not that you should feel the need to, honestly), here are some ideas of things that I love!
*this list is by no means exhaustive

- stamps: exclusive stamps, a stamp set, anything stamp related
- graphics: I love special graphics, even if it's just MS Paint, and puns are the best
- artwork: I love artwork of my fave petz, and now my real pet, Willa!
- bred petz: I tend to play more with bred petz, and I love brexies too!
- hexed petz: I really love a good old-fashioned hexed pet

Bred Petz

Dogz Likes:

- breeds: Dalmatian, Muttlie, Dane, Mutt, Lab, Sheepie, Chi

- traits: fluffy coats, halies, dali spots, sheepie tails, mutt spots, short coats, swapped ears, fluffy legs, chi chest patches (especially without the tan eyebrows), chi whiskers, chi boots, black/selfie eyelids

- eye colours: green, pink, black, sloth, blue, grey, steele, and eyes that match the coat

- colour combos: white/black/grey, cream/white/dusty, red/brown/black, grey/blue/black, orange/tan, dusty/grey

*all colour combos can be with or without white and/or black


- breeds: Scottie, Dachshund, hit and miss with Poodle

- traits: I'm not a huge fan of trotters or tan eyebrows unless it matches tan somewhere else on the coat, mismatched body parts, large dogz, tiny dogz, mismatched eyelids

- eye colours: icy blue, dark colours (other than black), I'm picky about brown/tan/dust/orange and usually prefer them to match another part of the coat

Catz Likes:

- breeds: Persian, B+W Shorthair, Honey Bear, Tabby, Siamese, Oshie, Alley

- traits: poofy tails, full white markings, cali5 coat,  B+W white, textured coats, alley spots, oshie bodies, black/selfie lids

*eye colours and colour combos same as dogz


- breeds: Chinchilla, hit and miss with Calicos because I have a ton

- traits: a bit picky about large catz, not a fan of bred Chinchilla proportions most of the time, mismatched eyelids

Hexed Petz

Dogz Likes: 

- all-time fave breeds: Dalmatian, Muttlie, Dane

- eye colours: same as bred plus 223, 220, 19, 181, 182, 183, 218, 217, 205, 190

- themed hexies (seasons, nature, unicorn, pastel)

- old school hexies with amazing paintball work, poofy tails and ears

- a little picky about wildz

- PKC A-reg hexies, even if not on the "correct" breed

- 2nd gen Dali eye size


- large hexies (Horsez, some wildz etc)

- creepy or gory hexes

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